Prototype Bio-Stylee Mixxx Tape XI

Prototype Bio-Stylee Mixxx Tape XI

Title: Prototype Bio-Stylee Mixxx Tape XI
Date: January 1994
Type: BASF Ferro Extra I Cassette
Collection: The Prototype Series
Tracks: 25
Length: 1 hour 34 minutes


01  Soundgarden “Holy Water”
02  The Watchmen “Mister”
03  Blind Melon “No Rain”
04  The Juliana Hatfield 3 “My Sister”
05  The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Fire”
06  Hater “Mona Bone Jakon”
07  Mother Love Bone “Crown Of Thorns”
08  Pearl Jam “Indifference”
09  Alice In Chains “We Die Young”
10  King Cobb Steelie “Feathers”
11  Doughboys “Melt”
12  Mystery Machine “Hooked”
13  Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet “Ben Hur Picked Off In A Gazebo”


14  Pearl Jam “Even Flow”
15  Hater “Sad McBain”
16  The Juliana Hatfield 3 “Supermodel”
17  Blind Melon “Tones Of Home”
18  The Weedmen “Plight Of A Small Boy (Live)”
19  Hater “Who Do I Kill?”
20  Pearl Jam “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”
21  Tool “Sober”
22  12 Eyes “Zero”
23  Slick “Jive Soul Bro”
24  Hater “Lion And Lamb”
25  The Weedmen “Fly”


The full title of Track 10 is “Luckily I Keep My Feathers Numbered For Just Such An Emergency.”