Prototype 31


Title: Prototype 31
Date: November 1996
Type: Maxell UR 90 Cassette
Tracks: 24
Length: 1 hour 31 minutes


01  The Tea Party “Inanna (Acoustic)”
02  I Mother Earth “Sense Of Henry”
03  Spirit Of The West “Let’s Make A Mystery”
04  Moist “Shotgun”
05  The Smashing Pumpkins “Hello Kitty Kat”
06  Temple Of The Dog “Four Walled World”
07  Tori Amos “Father Lucifer”
08  PJ Harvey “One Time Too Many”
09  Pearl Jam “Lukin”
10  Sunny Day Real Estate “8”
11  Pluto “When She Was Happy”


12  Hasan Cihat Orter “Alli Turnam”
13  The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight, Tonight”
14  I Mother Earth “Pisser”
15  Pure “Blast”
16  54-40 “Crossing A Canyon”
17  Bryan Adams “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”
18  The Smashing Pumpkins “Whir”
19  Nirvana “Spank Thru (Live)”
20  Pearl Jam “Red Mosquito”
21  Moist “Tangerine”
22  The Tea Party “Silence (Acoustic)”
23  The Lemonheads “Rockin’ Stroll”


Track 09 was looped on the original mix to create a longer version of the song. The track’s duration has thus not been verified and is not accurately reflected in the official mix length.

Track 19 was performed on November 19, 1991 at Il Castello Vi de Porta in Rome, Italy. Taken from Nirvana’s From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah live album.


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