Prototype 37

Prototype 37

Title: Prototype 37
Date: May 1997
Type: Denon Sport Cassette
Tracks: 25
Length: 1 hour 42 minutes


01  Nine Inch Nails “Heresy
02  The Smashing Pumpkins “Geek U.S.A.”
03  Everclear “Heroin Girl”
04  Live “Freaks”
05  Violent Femmes “Blister In The Sun”
06  Satchel “Walk In Freedom”
07  Tori Amos “Butterfly”
08  I Mother Earth “No One”
09  Ice Cube “Higher”
10  Our Lady Peace “Shaking”
11  Monster Magnet “I Control, I Fly”
12  Pearl Jam “Corduroy”
13  Ma “Tilt”


14  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Subway To Venus”
15  Primus “Nature Boy”
16  Matthew Sweet “Happiness”
17  Death Lurks “Happiness Pie”
18  Loghan “Silent Screams”
19  Headstones “Reno”
20  Live “Ghost”
21  Our Lady Peace “Let You Down”
22  The Age Of Electric “Remote Control”
23  Rage Against The Machine “Freedom”
24  INXS “Elegantly Wasted”
25  Foo Fighters “Monkey Wrench”


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