Prototype 40

Prototype 40

Title: Prototype 40
Date: July / August 1997
Type: Sony UX-S Cassette
Tracks: 24
Length: 1 hour 35 minutes


01  The Tea Party “Gyroscope”
02  The Tragically Hip “Inevitability Of Death”
03  Third Eye Blind “Jumper”
04  Devilhead “Black Hills”
05  Silverchair “The Closing”
06  Jamiroquai “Traveling Without Moving”
07  Live “Unsheathed”
08  The Age Of Electric “Cranky”
09  Headstones “Smile And Wave”
10  Loghan “Malis Avibus”
11  The Tea Party “Alarum”
12  Matthew Sweet “Heaven And Earth”


13  The Tragically Hip “Greasy Jungle”
14  Sarah McLachlan “Building A Mystery”
15  The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Foxy Lady”
16  Treble Charger “Friend Of Mine”
17  Spirit Of The West “Spot The Difference”
18  Matchbox Twenty “Push”
19  Foo Fighters “Wind Up”
20  Daft Punk “Around The World”
21  The Tragically Hip “An Inch An Hour”
22  Headstones “Do That Thing”
23  Live “Brothers Unaware”
24  Tonic “Open Up Your Eyes”


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