Prototype 42

Prototype 42

Title: Prototype 42
Date: September 1997
Type: Maxell XLII Cassette
Tracks: 26
Length: 1 hour 40 minutes


01  Econoline Crush “Home”
02  The Tea Party “Pulse”
03  Our Lady Peace “Car Crash”
04  Third Eye Blind “Narcolepsy”
05  Brad “Sweet Al George”
06  Silverchair “The Door”
07  The Age Of Electric “Enya”
08  Beck “The New Pollution”
09  Headstones “Nerve”
10  The Black Crowes “A Conspiracy”
11  Devilhead “The Hard Song”
12  Econoline Crush “Sparkle And Shine”
13  Ben Lee “Deep Talk In The Shallow End”


14  Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People”
15  Talk Show “Ring Twice”
16  The Tea Party “Release”
17  Primus “Golden Boy”
18  Great Big Sea “Mari-Mac”
19  Radiohead “Just”
20  Spirit Of The West “And If Venice Is Sinking”
21  The Prodigy “Breathe”
22  Brad “Secret Girl”
23  Econoline Crush “All That You Are (X3)”
24  Talk Show “Hello Hello”
25  Days Of The New “Touch, Peel And Stand”
26  Alice In Chains “What The Hell Have I”


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