Top 30 Songs of 1998


01  Matthew Good Band “Rico”
02  The Tragically Hip “Fireworks”
03  Matthew Good Band “Indestructible”
04  Pearl Jam “In Hiding”
05  Ben Folds Five “For Those Of Ya’ll Who Wear Fannie Packs”
06  Wide Mouth Mason “This Mourning”
07  Chris Cornell “Sunshower”
08  Sloan “Money City Maniacs”
09  Matthew Good Band “Haven’t Slept In Years”
10  The Tragically Hip “Poets”
11  The Offspring “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”
12  Big Sugar “The Scene”
13  Sugar Ray “RPM”
14  Radiohead “Paranoid Android”
15  Jerry Cantrell “Dickeye”
16  Beastie Boys “Intergalactic”
17  Pearl Jam “Brain Of J”
18  Matthew Good Band “Apparitions”
19  Pure “Chocolate Bar”
20  Matthew Good Band “Generation X-Wing”
21  The Smashing Pumpkins “Tear”
22  Ben Folds Five “Alice Childress (Live)”
23  Monster Magnet “Space Lord”
24  Jerry Cantrell “Cut You In”
25  The Smashing Pumpkins “Ava Adore”
26  The Watchmen “Any Day Now”
27  Beastie Boys “Super Disco Breakin”
28  Green Day “King For A Day”
29  Jane’s Addiction “Jane Says (Live)”
30  Janet Jackson “Go Deep”


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