Prototype 53

Prototype 53

Title: Prototype 53
Date: March / April 1999
Type: TDK D120 Cassette
Tracks: 28
Length: 1 hour 48 minutes


01  Fuel “Shimmer”
02  Bare Jr. “You Blew Me Off”
03  Britney Spears “. . . Baby One More Time”
04  Matthew Good Band “Symbolistic White Walls”
05  The Offspring “Why Don’t You Get A Job?”
06  Sonichrome “Over Confident”
07  The Tragically Hip “Thompson Girl”
08  Digable Planets “9th Wonder”
09  The Smashing Pumpkins “Pug”
10  Wellwater Conspiracy “Enebrio”
11  Fuel “Untitled”
12  Buckcherry “Lit Up”
13  Silverchair “Anthem For The Year 2000”
14  Alliance Ethnik “Fat Comeback”
15  The Chris Warren Band “D-Generation X”
16  Jim Johnston “New Age Outlaws”
17  Jim Johnston “Dude Love”
18  Jim Johnston “The Rock”


19  Matthew Good Band “Change Of Season”
20  Marcy Playground “Coming Up From Behind”
21  Loudmouth “Fly”
22  Fuel “Sunburn”
23  The Offspring “She’s Got Issues”
24  Ben Folds Five “Narcolepsy”
25  Korn “Reclaim My Place”
26  Bare Jr.”Faker”
27  Sonichrome “Honey Please”
28  Rusty “The Hockey Song”


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