Prototype 57

Prototype 57

Title: Prototype 57
Date: August / September 1999
Type: Maxell UR 90 Cassette
Tracks: 21
Length: 1 hour 31 minutes


01  Propellerheads “History Repeating”
02  The Tea Party “Great Big Lie”
03  Red Hot Chili Peppers “How Strong”
04  The Watchmen “Brighter Hell (Live)”
05  Matthew Good Band “Fated”
06  Mystery Machine “Doubt Is All You Know”
07  Sloan “On The Horizon”
08  Bare Jr. “The Most”
09  Jamiroquai “Black Capricorn Day”
10  Spacehog “Zeroes”


11  I Mother Earth “Gargantua”
12  Ben Folds Five “Regrets”
13  Propellerheads “Bang On!”
14  Mystery Machine “I’m Not Anything”
15  Finger Eleven “Shudder”
16  Beck “Electric Music And The Summer People”
17  The Tea Party “The Messenger”
18  Lit “Happy”
19  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Parallel Universe”
20  Korn “Dead Bodies Everywhere”
21  Ben Harper “Wicked Man”


Track 10 was performed on April 2, 1998 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario. Taken from the Big Wheelz 98 compilation.


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