Prototype 61

Prototype 61

Title: Prototype 61
Date: November / December 1999
Type: Sony CD-IT Cassette
Tracks: 23
Length: 1 hour 40 minutes


01  Matthew Good Band “Jenni’s Song”
02  Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly”
03  Edwin “Hang Ten”
04  Rage Against The Machine “Calm Like A Bomb”
05  Live “Sparkle”
06  I Mother Earth “My Beautiful Deep End”
07  Blink-182 “Adam’s Song”
08  Our Lady Peace “Blister”
09  Propellerheads “Cominagetcha”
10  Primus “Electric Uncle Sam”
11  Lit “Lovely Day”


12  Foo Fighters “Stacked Actors”
13  Rage Against The Machine “Sleep Now In The Fire”
14  Our Lady Peace “Potato Girl”
15  Sloan “Sensory Deprivation”
16  Matthew Good Band “Load Me Up”
17  Lauryn Hill “Everything Is Everything”
18  The Tea Party “Lifeline”
19  Screaming Trees “All I Know”
20  Stone Temple Pilots “Down”
21  Matthew Good Band “Strange Days”
22  Beck “Sexx Laws”
23  Remy Zero “Prophecy”


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