Prototype 65

Prototype 65

Title: Prototype 65
Date: March 2000
Type: TDK D120 Cassette
Tracks: 25
Length: 1 hour 56 minutes


01  Foo Fighters “Generator”
02  Matthew Good Band “Suburbia”
03  Creed “Higher”
04  2Pac feat. Shock G & Money B “I Get Around”
05  The Tragically Hip “Emergency”
06  The Smashing Pumpkins “Stand Inside Your Love”
07  Our Lady Peace “Stealing Babies”
08  Rage Against The Machine “Maria”
09  Adam Sandler “The Peeper”
10  Live “Face And Ghost (The Children’s Song)”
11  Mobb Deep “Never Goin’ Back”
12  Radiohead “Exit Music (For A Film)”
13  The Doors feat. Eddie Vedder “Break On Through (Live)”
14  Sonic Youth “Becuz”


15  Filter “Welcome To The Fold”
16  BTK “Peppyrock”
17  Oasis “Go Let It Out”
18  Rascalz “Sharpshooter (Best Of The Best)”
19  The Dust Brothers “What Is Fight Club?”
20  Soundgarden “Come Together”
21  Pearl Jam “Thin Air”
22  Serial Joe “Mistake”
23  Matthew Good Band “Let’s Get It On”
24  The Chemical Brothers “Dig Your Own Hole”
25  Foo Fighters “Aurora”


Track 13 was performed on December 1, 1993 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Taken from the Doors’ unofficial Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Performance bootleg.


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