Prototype 74

Prototype 74

Title: Prototype 74
Date: September 2000
Type: 2 TDK SA100 Cassettes
Tracks: 52
Length: 3 hours 26 minutes



01  Treble Charger “American Psycho”
02  Filter “Not The Only One”
03  Danko Jones “Samuel Sin”
04  Meat Beat Manifesto “Mars Needs Women”
05  J. Englishman “More”
06  Finger Eleven “First Time”
07  Wyclef Jean feat. The Rock “It Doesn’t Matter”
08  Nine Inch Nails “No, You Don’t”
09  No Doubt “Staring Problem”
10  The Tragically Hip “The Bastard”
11  Jungle Brothers “Because I Got It Like That (Ultimatum Mix)”
12  Everclear “Brown Eyed Girl”
13  Elliott Smith “Junk Bond Trader”


14  A Perfect Circle “Orestes”
15  Moby “Bodyrock”
16  The Smashing Pumpkins “With Every Light”
17  Vertical Horizon “You’re A God”
18  Britney Spears “Oops! . . . I Did It Again”
19  Deftones “Digital Bath”
20  Cirrus “Break In”
21  Everclear “A.M. Radio”
22  Our Lady Peace “Naveed / Life (Live)”
23  Treble Charger “Brand New Low”
24  Limblifter “Go Ride”
25  Travis “Last Of The Laughter”
26  Pearl Jam “Rival”



27  J. Englishman “Abused”
28  Danko Jones “The Mango Kid”
29  A Perfect Circle “Thomas”
30  Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag”
31  Wyclef Jean “We Trying To Stay Alive”
32  Finger Eleven “My Carousel”
33  Moby “Honey”
34  Filter “Dose”
35  Kid Rock “Only God Knows Why”
36  Deftones “Elite”
37  Fatboy Slim “The Rockafeller Skank”
38  The Tragically Hip “Sharks”
39  Mousse T. vs. Hot ‘N’ Juicy “Horny ’98 (Radio Edit)”


40  Sloan “Stand By Me, Yeah”
41  Everclear “Learning How To Smile”
42  Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Got Your Money”
43  Treble Charger “Cheat Away”
44  A Perfect Circle “3 Libras”
45  Wheatus “Truffles”
46  Dubtribe Sound System “Mother Earth”
47  J. Englishman “The One Thing”
48  Nine Inch Nails “The Wretched”
49  Limblifter “Bullring”
50  Prince “P Control”
51  Big Sugar feat. Jeff Martin “No Woman, No Cry (Live)”
52  Vertical Horizon “All Of You”


Track 22 was performed either on January 27, 2003 at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta or on January 28, 2003 at the Skyreach Centre in Edmonton, Alberta and is taken from Our Lady Peace’s Live. Only the second half of the song (“Life”) is included on this cassette and the run time of the mix has been adjusted to reflect this.

Track 51 was performed on May 30, 2000 in Toronto, ON.


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