Top 30 Songs of 2000


01  Pearl Jam “Of The Girl”
02  Radiohead “Optimistic”
03  Wheatus “Leroy”
04  Danko Jones “The Mango Kid”
05  Treble Charger “Favourite Worst Enemy”
06  Pearl Jam “Sleight Of Hand”
07  Filter “It’s Gonna Kill Me”
08  Beck “Milk & Honey”
09  A Perfect Circle “Judith”
10  The Smashing Pumpkins “The Everlasting Gaze”
11  Matthew Good Band “The Future Is X-Rated”
12  Headstones “Downtown”
13  Travis “Driftwood”
14  Everclear “Wonderful”
15  Wheatus “Teenage Dirtbag”
16  The Smashing Pumpkins “Stand Inside Your Love”
17  Foo Fighters “Generator”
18  A Perfect Circle “The Hollow”
19  The Offspring “Original Prankster”
20  Deftones “Digital Bath”
21  Our Lady Peace “Lying Awake”
22  J. Englishman “More”
23  Vertical Horizon “You’re A God”
24  Pearl Jam “Breakerfall”
25  The Tragically Hip “My Music At Work”
26  Matthew Good Band “Enjoy The Silence”
27  Moist “Underground”
28  Jet Set Satellite “The Best Way To Die”
29  Nine Inch Nails “Starfuckers, Inc.”
30  2Pac feat. Shock G & Money B “I Get Around”


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