Prototype 78

Prototype 78

Title: Prototype 78
Date: January 2001
Type: Sony UX-Pro Cassette
Tracks: 24
Length: 1 hour 33 minutes


01  Wheatus “Leroy”
02  Tricky Woo “Fly The Orient”
03  Radiohead “Idioteque”
04  The Offspring “Want You Bad”
05  Supreme Beings Of Leisure “Golddigger”
06  Fuel “Scar”
07  Treble Charger “Funny”
08  Rage Against The Machine “I’m Housin”
09  Green Day “Fashion Victim”
10  Deltron 3030 “Positive Contact”
11  The Velvet Pill “Rye Boy”
12  Blink-182 “Don’t Leave Me”


13  Our Lady Peace “Right Behind You (Mafia)”
14  Coldplay “Yellow”
15  Outkast “Ms. Jackson”
16  The Flashing Lights “Highschool”
17  Tool “Hooker With A Penis”
18  Fatboy Slim “Star 69”
19  Harvey Danger “Flagpole Sitta”
20  Limp Bizkit “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)”
21  Deftones “Street Carp”
22  The Tea Party “Waiting On A Sign”
23  Garbage “Push It”
24  Everclear “Baby Talk”


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