Raygun 1

Raygun 1 Cover

Title: Raygun 1
Date: July 2001
Type: 2 Compact Discs
Tracks: 36
Length: 2 hours 26 minutes


01  Static In Stereo “Superdrop”
02  Radiohead “Pyramid Song”
03  Stone Temple Pilots “Days Of The Week”
04  Gorillaz “Tomorrow Comes Today”
05  Toadies “Push The Hand”
06  Staind “Outside”
07  Blink-182 “First Date”
08  Bare Jr. “Brainwasher”
09  Deftones “Lotion”
10  Travis “Sing”
11  Nickelback “Not Leavin’ Yet”
12  The Tea Party “A Woman Like You”
13  Good Charlotte “Little Things”
14  Weezer “Photograph”
15  China Drum “One Thing”
16  Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals “Faded / Whole Lotta Love (Live)”


17  Tool “The Patient”
18  Alien Ant Farm “Smooth Crminal”
19  Mogwai “Dial: Revenge”
20  American Hi-Fi “A Bigger Mood”
21  Basement Jaxx “Breakaway”
22  Big Sugar “Nicotina”
23  Pornosonic “Dirty Pimp (Cum Lin’s Theme)”
24  Incubus “When It Comes”
25  Rocket From The Crypt “Carne Voodoo”
26  Stone Temple Pilots “Dumb Love”
27  Big Wreck “Inhale”
28  Dave Navarro “Rexall”
29  Stereophonics “Mr. Writer”
30  Tricky “Evolution Revolution Love”
31  Econoline Crush “Trash”
32  Radiohead “I Might Be Wrong”
33  Tricky Woo “Don’t Get The Music Worried”
34  Underworld “Push Upstairs”
35  Wellwater Conspiracy “Brotherhood Of Electric”
36  Matthew Good Band “The Fine Art Of Falling Apart”


Track 16 was performed between 1998 or 2000 at an unknown location. Taken from Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals’ Live From Mars.


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