Raygun 3

Raygun 3

Title: Raygun 3
Date: August 2001
Type: 2 Compact Discs
Tracks: 33
Length: 2 hours 17 minutes


01  Tool “Lateralus”
02  American Hi-Fi “My Only Enemy”
03  Badly Drawn Boy “Once Around The Block”
04  Alien Ant Farm “Movies”
05  Static In Stereo “Ariana Incomplete”
06  Del Tha Funkee Homosapien “Style Police”
07  J. Mascis + The Fog “Sameday”
08  The Wiseguys “Start The Commotion”
09  Millencolin “Penguins And Polar Bears”
10  Matthew Good Band “Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance”
11  Drowning Pool “Bodies”
12  Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Sussudio”
13  Suicidal Tendencies “Free Your Soul . . . And Save My Mind”
14  Stereophonics “Have A Nice Day”
15  Stone Temple Pilots “Hello, It’s Late”
16  Nine Inch Nails “Deep”


17  Incubus “Crowded Elevator”
18  The Crystal Method “Name Of The Game”
19  Alien Ant Farm “Whisper”
20  Ben Folds “Rockin’ The Suburbs”
21  Coldplay “Spies”
22  Man Or Astro-Man? “Rovers”
23  Weezer “Knock Down Drag Out”
24  Static In Stereo “Punching Bag”
25  Dave Navarro “Everything”
26  Doves “Catch The Sun”
27  Live “Simple Creed”
28  Dave Matthews Band “I Did It”
29  Nickelback “Hold Out Your Hand”
30  Staind “Suffer”
31  The Roots “Dynamite!”
32  Wellwater Conspiracy “Felicity’s Surprise”
33  Fluke “Atom Bomb”


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