Raygun 4

Raygun 4

Title: Raygun 4
Date: September / October 2001
Type: 2 Compact Discs
Tracks: 40
Length: 2 hours 39 minutes


01  Jason Mewes “Jay’s Rap”
02  Live “Simple Creed”
03  Stroke 9 “Kick Some Ass”
04  Klint “Diamond”
05  Matthew Good Band “Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance”
06  Nickelback “How You Remind Me”
07  Linkin Park “With You”
08  Big Sugar “Butterball”
09  Incubus “Wish You Were Here”
10  Lit “Lipstick & Bruises”
11  Wyclef Jean “Another One Bites The Dust”
12  At The Drive-In “Chanbara”
13  Tool “Disposition”
14  Man Or Astro-Man? “The Wayward Meteor”
15  System Of A Down “Chop Suey!”
16  Jamiroquai “Little L”
17  Millencolin “Queen’s Gambit”
18  J. Mascis + The Fog “Where’d You Go”
19  Badly Drawn Boy “Disillusion”
20  Björk “Pagan Poetry”
21  Static In Stereo “Wrapped In Cellophane”


22  Radiohead “Hunting Bears”
23  Nickelback “Never Again”
24  Stone Temple Pilots “Too Cool Queenie”
25  Alien Ant Farm “Summer”
26  Gorillaz “Rock The House”
27  Ben Folds “Losing Lisa”
28  Deftones “Dai The Flu”
29  Eric’s Trip “You’re Always Right (Live)”
30  Groove Armada “Fogma”
31  Live “Deep Enough”
32  The Tea Party “Paint It, Black”
33  Rage Against The Machine “Maggie’s Farm”
34  Rocket From The Crypt “White Belt”
35  Afroman “Because I Got High”
36  Sprung Monkey “Beautiful”
37  Staind “Change”
38  The Crystal Method “Wild, Sweet And Cool”
39  Tricky “#1 Da Woman”
40  Pearl Jam feat. Chad Smith “Little Wing / Maggot Brain (Live)”


Track 29 was performed in November 1995 at an unknown location. Taken from the 2001 Eric’s Trip live album The Eric’s Trip Show.

Track 40 was performed on July 9, 1995 at the Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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