Raygun 6

Raygun 6

Title: Raygun 6
Date: November 2001
Type: Compact Disc
Tracks: 21
Length: 1 hour 19 minutes

01  Matthew Good Band “Carmelina”
02  Sloan “The Other Man”
03  Eels “Woman Driving, Man Sleeping”
04  Millencolin “Kemp”
05  Bomfunk MC’s “B Boys & Fly Girls”
06  The Tea Party “Must Must”
07  Cake “Short Skirt Long Jacket”
08  Nickelback “Just For”
09  Money Mark “Information Contraband”
10  Lenny Kravitz “Battlefield Of Love”
11  Big Sugar “Bad Old Days”
12  Stone Temple Pilots “Transmissions From A Lonely Room”
13  Tenacious D “Karate”
14  Matthew Good Band “Man Of Action”
15  Stereophonics “Maybe”
16  Headstones “Blowtorch”
17  The Crystal Method “Murder”
18  Live “Like A Soldier”
19  Tantric “Mourning”
20  Incubus “Nice To Know You”
21  The Strokes  “When It Started”


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