Raygun 14

Raygun 14

Title: Raygun 14
Date: July 2002
Type: Compact Disc
Tracks: 21
Length: 1 hour 19 minutes

01  Sense Field “Weight Of the World”
02  Red Hot Chili Peppers “By The Way”
03  K-OS “Follow Me”
04  Silverchair “Greatest View”
05  Korn “Here To Stay”
06  Our Lady Peace “Innocent”
07  Gay Dad “Dinosaur”
08  Sonic Youth “Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style”
09  Weezer “Take Control”
10  Sum 41 “Handle This”
11  The White Stripes “This Protector”
12  Sense Field “Save Yourself”
13  Wyclef Jean “Oh What A Night”
14  The Tragically Hip “Use It Up”
15  The Hives “Statecontrol”
16  Treble Charger “Hundred Million”
17  Oasis “Force Of Nature”
18  Jerry Cantrell “Angel Eyes”
19  Papa Roach “M-80”
20  Super Furry Animals “Sidewalk Serfer Girl”
21  The Velvet Pill “Bulletproof”


Track 03 was mislabeled on the original tracklist as “Superstar, Pt. 2”


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