Top 30 Songs of 2002


01  Matthew Good Band “The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production”
02  Sense Field “Weight Of The World”
03  Queens Of The Stone Age “No One Knows”
04  Weezer “Keep Fishin”
05  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dosed”
06  The White Stripes “Fell In Love With A Girl”
07  K-OS “Heaven Only Knows (Remix)”
08  Audioslave “Cochise”
09  Trail Of Dead “How Near How Far”
10  Pearl Jam “You Are”
11  Coldplay “Warning Sign”
12  Matthew Good Band “Under The Influence”
13  Jerry Cantrell “Angel Eyes”
14  The Hives “I Hate To Say I Told You So”
15  Filter “Where Do We Go From Here”
16  Oasis “Little By Little”
17  The Coup “5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO”
18  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can’t Stop”
19  Interpol “Obstacle 1”
20  Dilated Peoples “Worst Comes To Worst”
21  Danko Jones “Sound Of Love”
22  N.E.R.D. feat. Lee Harvey & Vita “Lapdance”
23  Matthew Good “Weapon”
24  30 Seconds To Mars “Buddha For Mary”
25  Foo Fighters “All My Life”
26  Silverchair “Greatest View”
27  Jimmy Eat World “Bleed American”
28  Gay Dad “Transmission”
29  Sam Roberts “Don’t Walk Away Eileen”
30  Nirvana “You Know You’re Right”


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