Raygun 26

Raygun 26

Title: Raygun 26
Alternate Title: Raygun Huntin’ And Fishin’ Club
Date: August 2003
Type: Compact Disc
Tracks: 21
Length: 1 hour 14 minutes

01  Matthew Good “Double Life”
02  Deftones “Good Morning Beautiful”
03  Sum 41 “No Brains”
04  The White Stripes “There’s No Home For You Here”
05  I Mother Earth “Choke”
06  Linkin Park “Lying From You”
07  Weezer “El Scorcho”
08  Jane’s Addiction “Just Because”
09  Radiohead “Go To Sleep”
10  Sense Field “I Refuse”
11  Pearl Jam “Leatherman (Live)”
12  Division Of Laura Lee “We’ve Been Planning This For Years”
13  Zwan “El Sol”
14  Matthew Good “21st Century Living”
15  Eels “Lone Wolf”
16  The White Stripes “The Hardest Button To Button”
17  Live “She”
18  Sloan “The Rest Of My Life”
19  Trail Of Dead “Flood Of Red”
20  Sam Roberts “Rarefied”
21  Audioslave “The Last Remaining Light”


Track 11 was performed on November 6, 2000 at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Taken from Pearl Jam’s official bootleg recording of the show.


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