Raygun 29

Raygun 29

Title: Raygun 29
Date: January 2004
Type: Compact Disc
Tracks: 20
Length: 1 hour 18 minutes

01  Pearl Jam “Down”
02  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Fortune Faded”
03  Outkast “Hey Ya!”
04  The Strokes “12:51”
05  No Doubt “It’s My Life”
06  Sense Field “Burn”
07  Matthew Good “House Of Smoke And Mirrors”
08  Foo Fighters “Darlin’ Nikki”
09  Nickelback “Do This Anymore”
10  Sloan “Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore”
11  Linkin Park “Numb”
12  Incubus “Megalomaniac”
13  Alien Ant Farm “1000 Days”
14  Blink-182 “Feeling This”
15  I Mother Earth “Meat Dreams”
16  The Darkness “Get Your Hands Off My Woman”
17  Pearl Jam “Man Of The Hour”
18  Jet “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”
19  The Offspring “Spare Me The Details”
20  Danko Jones “Forget My Name”


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