Raygun 31

Raygun 31

Title: Raygun 31
Date: April 2004
Type: Compact Disc
Tracks: 21
Length: 1 hour 16 minutes

01  Mike & Matt Chapman “Hip Hop Dance”
02  Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out”
03  Pearl Jam “Hold On”
04  The Darkness “Black Shuck”
05  Travis “Quicksand”
06  Nickelback “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good”
07  Turin Brakes “Stone Thrown”
08  Ploughound “Are You With Me?”
09  The Strokes “Automatic Stop”
10  Snow Patrol “Run”
11  Incubus “Beware! Criminal”
12  Sense Field “You Own Me”
13  I Mother Earth “Juicy”
14  Billy Talent “River Below”
15  The Rapture “House Of Jealous Lovers”
16  N.E.R.D. “She Wants To Move”
17  Hot Hot Heat “No, Not Now”
18  Keane “Somewhere Only We Know”
19  Three Days Grace “Just Like You”
20  Pilate “Into Your Hideout”
21  Cex “My Head”


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