Raygun 44

Raygun 44

Title: Raygun 44
Alternate Title: The Emo Express
Date: August 2005
Type: Compact Disc
Tracks: 20
Length: 1 hour 16 minutes

01  Hater “Try”
02  OK Go “Invincible”
03  My Morning Jacket “Tyrone”
04  Hard-Fi “Cash Machine”
05  Funeral For A Friend “Streetcar”
06  Audioslave “Drown Me Slowly”
07  The White Stripes “Instinct Blues”
08  Rogue Wave “Salesman At The Day Of The Parade”
09  Shelby “The Golden Boy”
10  Matthew Good “Oh Be Joyful”
11  Trail Of Dead “The Summer Of ’91”
12  Dredg “Hungover On A Tuesday”
13  Athlete “Modern Mafia”
14  Sufjan Stevens “Casimir Pulaski Day”
15  Foo Fighters “The Last Song”
16  The Mars Volta “Cassandra Geminni: A. Tarantism”
17  The Mars Volta “Cassandra Geminni: B. Plant A Nail In The Navel Stream”
18  The Mars Volta “Cassandra Geminni: C. Faminepulse”
19  The Mars Volta “Cassandra Geminni: D. Multiple Spouse Wounds”
20  The Mars Volta “Cassandra Geminni: E. Sarcophagi”


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