Top 30 Songs of 2005


01  The Strokes “You Only Live Once”
02  Matthew Good “Big City Life”
03  Trail Of Dead “Worlds Apart”
04  Limblifter “Fiercely Co-Dependent”
05  Sufjan Stevens “Casimir Pulaski Day”
06  Central Services “Something Simple”
07  Athlete “Tourist”
08  The Darkness “One Way Ticket”
09  The White Stripes “My Doorbell”
10  Danger Doom “Old School”
11  Kasabian “Club Foot”
12  My Morning Jacket “Tyrone”
13  Foo Fighters “No Way Back”
14  Bloc Party “She’s Hearing Voices”
15  Coldplay “Speed Of Sound”
16  Rogue Wave “Salesman At The Day Of The Parade”
17  Jack Johnson “Crying Shame”
18  The Futureheads “Area”
19  Oasis “Lyla”
20  OK Go “Invincible”
21  Kaiser Chiefs “I Predict A Riot”
22  Bullet Train To Vegas “Cut The Party To Pieces”
23  Queens Of The Stone Age “Everybody Knows That You Are Insane”
24  Matthew Good “Oh Be Joyful”
25  Beck “E Pro”
26  Sahara Hotnights “The Difference Between Love And Hell”
27  Audioslave “Doesn’t Remind Me”
28  Athlete “Wires”
29  Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”
30  VHS Or Beta “Night On Fire”


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