Raygun 56

Raygun 56

Title: Raygun 56
Date: October 2006
Type: 2 Compact Discs
Tracks: 28
Length: 2 hours 15 minutes


01  Beck “Nausea”
02  Klaxons “Gravity’s Rainbow”
03  Audioslave “Revelations”
04  The Decemberists “Summersong”
05  TV On The Radio “Wolf Like Me”
06  Pearl Jam “Big Wave”
07  Tool “Right In Two”
08  The Raconteurs “Together”
09  Wolfmother “Pyramid”
10  Kasabian “Shoot The Runner”
11  Deftones “Hole In The Earth”
12  The Rapture “Get Myself Into It”
13  Sloan “I’ve Gotta Try”
14  Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Warrior”
15  The Lemonheads “No Backbone”
16  Jets Overhead “Killing Time”
17  The Walkmen “Another One Goes By”


18  Trail Of Dead “Wasted State Of Mind”
19  Gomez “How We Operate”
20  Pearl Jam “Comatose”
21  The Mars Volta “Tetragrammation”
22  The Tragically Hip “In View”
23  Band Of Horses “The Great Salt Lake”
24  Kula Shaker “Six Feet Down”
25  Beck “Cellphone’s Dead”
26  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Tell Me Baby”
27  Tool “Rosetta Stoned”
28  Secret Machines “All At Once (It’s Not Important)”


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