Generico 8

Generico 09 Cover

Title: Generico 8
Date: October 2015
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 16
Length: 1 hour 8 minutes

01  Matthew Good “Army Of Lions”
02  Washed Out “All I Know”
03  Best Coast “Sleep Won’t Ever Come”
04  Moving Mountains “Deathless”
05  Wavves “Flamezesz”
06  Beck “Dreams”
07  Man Made “Bring Some”
08  Surf Dads feat. Mattea Columpsi “The Coast”
09  Beach Baby “Limousine”
10  Albert Hammond, Jr. “Caught By My Shadow”
11  Public Access T.V. “Patti Peru”
12  Matthew Good “Moment”
13  Media Jeweler “Autopilot”
14  Puscifer “Grand Canyon”
15  Best Coast “Wasted Time”
16  TWRP feat. White Hot Guilt “Crushin’ On U”


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