Generico 13

Generico 13

Title: Generico 13
Date: March 2016
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 22
Length: 1 hour 19 minutes

01  The Big Pink “Decoy”
02  Yeasayer “Silly Me”
03  Solids “Blank Stare”
04  Kendrick Lamar “untitled 08 | 09.06.2014”
05  Splashh “Pure Blue”
06  Wolf Alice “Moaning Lisa Smile”
07  Conrad Keely “Drive To Kampot”
08  Sheer Mag “Nobody’s Baby”
09  White Lung “Hungry”
10  Lisbon “Natïve”
11  SKATERS “Head On To Nowhere”
12  Ty Segall “Californian Hills”
13  Sunflower Bean “Human Ceremony”
14  White Denim “Had 2 Know (Personal)”
15  Rogue Wave  “California Bride”
16  Greys “No Star”
17  Le Butcherettes “Shave The Pride”
18  Yuck “Hearts In Motion”
19  Coast Modern “Hollow Life”
20  EL VY “I’m The Man To Be”
21  Lewis Del Mar “Memories”
22  The Raveonettes “Run Mascara Run”


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