366 Tunes Anthology

366 Tunes Cover

Title: 366 Tunes Anthology
Date: July 2015 – July 2016
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 366
Length: 27 hours 28 minutes

001  Olympic Runners “Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is”
002  Eek-A-Mouse “Rude Boys A Foreign”
003  The Herbaliser “Goldrush”
004  Palehound “Molly”
005  WJLP “She’s Alright”
006  The Antlers “Kettering”
007  Menace Beach “Super Transporterreum”
008  Bromar “Call Me Up”
009  Stezo “To The Max”
010  Yuck “Hold Me Closer”
011  Quincy Jones “Summer In The City”
012  Oingo Boingo “Private Life”
013  Letters To Cleo “Here & Now”
014  The Gunchback Boogie Band “Funn”
015  Father John Misty “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”
016  CHVRCHES “Leave A Trace”
017  Serge Ponsar “Out In The Night”
018  The Fluid “She Don’t Understand”
019  Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns “Four Play”
020  Elbow “Station Approach”
021  cultureculture “Pouring Down”
022  Lush “De-Luxe”
023  Coldcut “Say Kids What Time Is It?”
024  Shock “Nite Life”
025  The Whigs “Hot Bed”
026  Titus Andronicus “Still Life With Hot Deuce On Silver Platter”
027  Soul Mann & The Brothers “Bumpy’s Lament”
028  Beastie Boys “Here’s A Little Something For Ya”
029  Foxygen “How Can You Really”
030  Slave “Slide ’88”
031  Heavy D. & The Boyz “We Got Our Own Thang”
032  Kylie Minogue & Ben Lee “The Reflex”
033  Scratch Acid “Greatest Gift”
034  Larry Graham And Graham Central Station “Turn It Out”
035  Hockey “Explorer”
036  Pavement “Gold Soundz”
037  Ratatat “Seventeen Years”
038  Touchdown “Ease Your Mind (U.S. Remix)”
039  Explosions In The Sky “Your Hand In Mine”
040  Glow Scout “Signs”
041  Kurtis Blow “Basketball”
042  Ty Segall “Stick Around”
043  Shellac “Watch Song”
044  Skull Snaps “Trespassing”
045  Com Truise “Galactic Melt”
046  Sparkmarker “Keep The Quarter”
047  The Boo Radleys “Lazarus”
048  Captain Sky “Saturday Night Move-Ease”
049  Kool & The Gang “Misled”
050  Tuff Crew “My Part Of Town”
051  Sleater-Kinney “Youth Decay”
052  The Devil’s Anvil “Besaha”
053  Eric’s Trip “Girlfriend”
054  The Association “Never My Love”
055  Royalcash “Radio Activity”
056  The Swingin’ Neckbreakers “Action Kid”
057  House Of Freaks “When The Hammer Came Down”
058  Raydio “Hot Stuff”
059  Pocahaunted “All Of Is Of”
060  JP Hoe “Beautifully Crazy”
061  Missing Persons “Walking In L.A.”
062  Lowell Fulsom “Tramp”
063  Ringo Deathstarr “Rip”
064  Freshco & Miz “We Don’t Play”
065  Dan-I “Monkey Chop”
066  R.E.M. “Imitation Of Life”
067  Ryan Adams “Stay With Me”
068  Jeff Beck “Beck’s Bolero”
069  Claude Denjean “Kiss This”
070  Eddie Hazel “California Dreamin”
071  Microphone Masters “Too Cold Chillin”
072  TWRP “Believe In Your Dreams”
073  Bivouac “Good Day Song”
074  Talking Heads “Sugar On My Tongue”
075  Armand Van Helden “U Don’t Know Me (Original Mix)”
076  Bill Withers “Kissing My Love”
077  Rappinstine “Creepin”
078  Gino Soccio “Try It Out”
079  Inspiral Carpets “Dragging Me Down”
080  Jamie Jupitor “Computer Power”
081  Nikki And The Corvettes “He’s A Mover”
082  Mono Men “I Don’t Know Yet”
083  My Sister’s Machine “I’m Sorry”
084  Nolan Thomas “Yo’ Little Brother”
085  Mandrill “Fencewalk”
086  Monks “I Hate You”
087  The B.B. & Q Band “Imagination”
088  Washed Out “All I Know”
089  Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde “Fast Life”
090  Eloy “Inside”
091  Sea Scouts “Song For Che”
092  Davy Jones And The Voodoo Funk Machine “Sookie Sookie”
093  Vinnie Vincent Invasion “Boyz Are Gonna Rock”
094  G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid “Play That Beat Mr. D.J.”
095  We Are Wolves “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.”
096  Sparklehorse “Piano Fire”
097  The Boogie Boys “City Life”
098  Sky Ferreira “Red Lips”
099  Fu Manchu “Blue Tile Fever”
100  Eugenius “The Moon’s A Balloon”
101  Space “Magic Fly”
102  Chicago Gangsters “Gangster Boogie”
103  Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day “Come Let Me Love You (Instrumental)”
104  Arcadia “Election Day”
105  Ride “Vapour Trail”
106  Ultimate Force “I’m Not Playing”
107  Tygers Of Pan Tang “Insanity”
108  Bread “Mother Freedom”
109  The Rock Steady Crew “(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew”
110  How To Destroy Angels “Fur-Lined”
111  A Taste Of Honey “Boogie Oogie Oogie”
112  Niagara “Sangandongo”
113  Sleeze Boyz “Robo Cop”
114  Depistado “A Stirstick’s Prediction”
115  Dick Dale & His Del-Tones “Taco Wagon”
116  Dead Kennedys “Halloween”
117  Lääz Rockit “Fire In The Hole”
118  Warp 9 “Light Years Away”
119  Satan & The D-Men “She’ll Lie”
120  Big Deal “Close Your Eyes”
121  Fastbacks “Waste Of Time”
122  Funk Factory “Rien Ne Va Plus”
123  The Fall “Rebellious Jukebox”
124  Larry Willis “Out On The Coast”
125  PJ Harvey “A Perfect Day Elise”
126  Kaos & Mystro “Mystro On The Flex”
127  Big Dipper “All Going Out Together”
128  Living Colour “Open Letter (To A Landlord)”
129  Best Coast “When You Wake Up”
130  Jesse Strange “Down And Dirty”
131  Mike Gee “Rappers Revenge”
132  Hear ‘N Aid “Stars”
133  The Modern Lovers “She Cracked”
134  Dezo Daz feat. DJ Slip “It’s My Turn”
135  White Heat “Funk Freak”
136  Boredoms “Super Going”
137  Malfunkshun “Jezebel Woman”
138  The Paragons “On The Beach”
139  Yes “Heart Of The Sunrise”
140  The Chartbusters “She’s The One”
141  The Incredible Mr. Freeze “Back To The Scene Of The Crime”
142  Veronika Voss “Non Song”
143  Squirrel Bait “Sun God”
144  O’Bryan “Be My Lover”
145  Tom Hooker “Real Men”
146  The Boris Gardiner Happening feat. Leslie Butler “Ghetto Funk”
147  Cub “Leapfrog”
148  Allah-Las “Buffalo Nickel”
149  Tricky Tee “Johnny The Fox”
150  Titanic “Sultana”
151  Master Genius “Let’s Break Into The 80’s”
152  Teaze “Boys Nite Out”
153  Camper Van Beethoven “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”
154  Genesis “Scenes From A Night’s Dream”
155  The Tubes “She’s A Beauty”
156  MC’s Of Rap “This Is The Jam”
157  Boy Eats Drum Machine “Hoop + Wire”
158  William Onyeabor “Atomic Bomb”
159  The British North-American Act “Don’t Run Away”
160  Jesse Johnson’s Revue “Be Your Man”
161  Le Tigre “Deceptacon”
162  Swallow “Zoo”
163  Doctor Pecker “Woodpeckers From Space”
164  Rockets “Galactica”
165  Reggie Watts “So Good Yeah (Live)”
166  Black Sun “Black Sun”
167  Thomas Bangalter “Club Soda”
168  King Kobra “Hunger”
169  Martha “Sycamore”
170  Liquid Liquid “Optimo”
171  Derek B “Chillin’ With Santa”
172  Miranda Sex Garden “Sunshine”
173  Lemon-Lime “The Hollyweird Game”
174  Non Band “Dance Song”
175  MEGA-byTE “Chasin’ The Rock”
176  The Magicians “An Invitation To Cry”
177  Mr. P And The Star Skate Crew “Roller Skate Rap”
178  Miles Davis “John McLaughlin”
179  Wire “Strange”
180  Raw Silk “Do It To The Music”
181  Smashing Orange “Cherry Rider”
182  The Surfers “Windsurfin”
183  Tyrone Brunson “The Smurf”
184  Velocity Girl “Audrey’s Eyes”
185  Freestyle “Don’t Stop The Rock”
186  Les Savy Fav “The Sweat Descends”
187  Pacific Gas & Electric “Motor City’s Burning”
188  Dana Dane “Dana Dane With Fame”
189  The Monoxides “I’ve Got An Idea”
190  Electric Sound Of Joy “Play Away”
191  Slick “Space Bass”
192  Beach Fossils “Daydream”
193  Public Image Ltd “Seattle”
194  The Blackbyrds “Mysterious Vibes”
195  Tigertailz “Livin’ Without You”
196  Gigolo Tony “Shake Your Pants”
197  Neu! “Hallogallo”
198  Geza X “Isotope Soap”
199  Break Machine “Street Dance”
200  Mule “Mama’s Reason To Cry”
201  Bomb The Bass “Beat Dis (7″ US Mix)”
202  Bratmobile “Gimme Brains”
203  American Express “Beat Box On The Loose (Vocal)”
204  Hawaii Samurai “Criminal Wave”
205  The Shadows Of Knight “Gloria”
206  Miranda Sound “Midas”
207  Madlib “Distant Land”
208  Masterfleet “Malfunction”
209  Babe Blu “Can’t Stop Rock & Roll”
210  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Circle Of The Noose (Rough Mix)”
211  Melon “Funkasia”
212  That Petrol Emotion “Sooner Or Later”
213  War Baby “Master Blaster”
214  Fire Fox “Stylin’, Profilin”
215  Strawberry Alarm Clock “Curse Of The Witches”
216  Kool Rock Jay & The DJ Slice “Just Chillin’ (Extended Remix)”
217  Uranus “New Production”
218  Reef “Naked”
219  Son Volt “Mystifies Me”
220  Model 500 “No UFO’s (Instrumental)”
221  Jack Green “Can’t Stand It”
222  Rapmaster Shadowman “The Crown (Extended Version)”
223  Plaid Retina “My World”
224  Del Reeves “Girl On The Billboard”
225  Aalon “Rock ‘N’ Roll Gangster”
226  Vicious Base “Drop The Bass II (The Sequel)”
227  Lewis Del Mar “Memories”
228  The Coral “Wildfire”
229  Hot Cold Sweat “Meet Me At The Go-Go”
230  Teen Dream “Toy”
231  Amon Tobin “Four Ton Mantis”
232  Chemistry Set “Underground”
233  Doctor Rocx & Co feat. Kydd Freshh “Tak’in It To The Floor (Vocal)”
234  Shanghai “Please Me Tease Me”
235  The Mission “Wasteland”
236  Super Distortion “Long-Haired Freak”
237  Dexter Gordon “The Panther”
238  Grand Prix “Cruisin”
239  The Hawk “The Alarm”
240  Snakefinger “Kill The Great Raven”
241  Kool Chip feat. Toni Smith “Jazz It Up”
242  Nazareth “Razamanaz”
243  Weather Report “Birdland”
244  Mixmaster Gee & The Turntable Orchestra “Like This (Full & Fresh)”
245  The Dukes Of Stratosphear “My Love Explodes”
246  Das Damen “Spiderbirds”
247  Galaxxy “Where’s The Beat”
248  Drugstore “Solitary Party Groover”
249  Al Caiola “Guitar Boogie”
250  Beau Nasty “Shake It”
251  Mr. Melody “Funk Motor”
252  The Space Agency “Bombay Potatoes”
253  Big Chief “Fresh Vines”
254  Georgio “Tina Cherry”
255  Wolf Alice “Moaning Lisa Smile”
256  Sidney Barnes “Secrets”
257  Void! “Wonder Fun”
258  Duice Of Juice “Poetically Put”
259  Kling Klang “Rocker”
260  Kool Kyle Starchild “Do You Like That Funky Beat (Ah, Beat Beat)”
261  Doctor Ice “Calling Doctor Ice”
262  Mo-Jo “Jump, Stomp And Twist”
263  The Unknown DJ “Let’s Jam”
264  Double Agent Rock “Chillin Out”
265  MC Player “Rhyming Rampage”
266  Bass Patrol “Rock This Planet”
267  Chill Rob G “Ride The Rhythm”
268  Babymetal “Karate”
269  Ghostwriters “Runaway Bay”
270  Sinner “Nobody Rocks Like You”
271  War “Me And Baby Brother”
272  The Packman “I’m The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)”
273  The Mummies “Stronger Than Dirt”
274  Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70 “Water No Get Enemy”
275  John Forde “Woman”
276  Super-Wolf And The Rap-o-matics “Hooked On The Rap”
277  Helloween “Future World”
278  Surf Punks “I Live For The Sun”
279  The Ocean Blue “Ballerina Out Of Control”
280  Le Knight Club “Soul Bells”
281  Parlet “Help From My Friends”
282  Nianatty “One Love Stylee”
283  Hank The Knife And The Jets “Guitar King”
284  Prince Shahem Beloved “I Can Go Freestyle”
285  Ideal “Berlin”
286  Mini Mansions “Monk”
287  Oasis II “The Car, Believe It Or Not”
288  Santo & Johnny “Sleepwalk”
289  Gazebo “Lunatic”
290  The Rurals “Hole In My Head”
291  Failure “Saturday Savior”
292  Bizzie Boyz “Droppin’ It”
293  Melody’s Echo Chamber “I Follow You”
294  Swell Maps “The Helicopter Spies”
295  Harald Grosskopf “Emphasis”
296  Men At Play “Dr. Jam (In The Slam) (Long Version)”
297  Paul Westerberg “Knockin On Mine”
298  Eramus Hall “Super Funk”
299  The Deviants “Billy The Monster”
300  West Coast Crew “D.O.A.”
301  Jett Black “Big City Lights”
302  The Electric Moog Orchestra “Cantina Band”
303  Weeks & Co. “Tunnel Of Love”
304  Hexstatic “Bass Invader”
305  Treepeople “Liquid Boy”
306  Herbie Mann “Push Push”
307  “Love Bug” Starski “You’ve Gotta Believe”
308  T.S.O.L. “Flowers By The Door”
309  Paloalto “Some Things Must Go This Way”
310  The Raincoats “Fairytale In The Supermarket”
311  Molecular Beats Squadron “Coming By Storm”
312  Peter And The Test Tube Babies “The Jinx”
313  The Moon “Pirate”
314  Teenage Head “Let’s Shake”
315  Vernon Burch “Get Up”
316  Manu Dibango “Soul Makossa”
317  Pekka Pohjola “Sekoilu Seestyy”
318  Funkmaster Wizard Wiz “I Ain’t Wid Dat”
319  Poster Children “Dynamite Chair”
320  The Cooper Temple Clause “Did You Miss Me?”
321  The Skeme “You Turn Me On”
322  Guru Guru “Electric Junk”
323  Universal Krush Kru “Live On The (Nite Beat)”
324  Wool “Coalinga”
325  Piledriver “Metal Inquisition”
326  Passport “Tarantula”
327  X Ray Connection “Get Ready”
328  Eruption “Computer Love”
329  Eddie B. & Oscar T. “Scratch The Beef”
330  Kittens “Great Dane”
331  Chris Bell “I Am The Cosmos”
332  The Russell Brothers “The Party Scene (SV)”
333  Tristan Psionic “Lucky Star”
334  The Hardship Post “My Secret Life”
335  True Mathematics “For The Money”
336  Hot Dad “John Cena”
337  Marmoset “Shatter The Lovely”
338  Supermax “Fly With Me”
339  Buari “Advice From Father”
340  Elevator To Hell “Morning Clouds”
341  Bionic Force “The Age Of The Atom”
342  Scream “Came Without Warning”
343  The Mechanic “Sweat”
344  Butch Paulson “Man From Mars”
345  The Wonder Stuff “A Wish Away”
346  Thelonious Monster “Swan Song”
347  Ramsey Lewis “Sun Goddess”
348  Eve’s Plum “Venus Meets Pluto”
349  The Blow Pop Crew “Drop The Bass”
350  The Ninja “We’re The Ninja”
351  Captain Rapp “Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)”
352  Catherine “Pink Floyd Poster”
353  Zen Guerrilla “Heart Attack”
354  The Real People “The Truth”
355  fireHOSE “Blaze”
356  Duke Bootee “Broadway”
357  Hum “Stars”
358  The Lazy Cowgirls “Here Comes Trouble”
359  Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters “Coolin’ On The Ave”
360  Guster “Ruby Falls”
361  Steel Vengeance “Victim Of Love”
362  Fuzzy Haskins “Thangs We Used To Do”
363  Avenger “The American In Me”
364  Fantasy Machine “Fantasy Machines”
365  The Birthday Party “Waving My Arms”
366  Rock Squad “Facts Of Life”


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