Generico 20


Title: Generico 20
Date: October 2016
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 21
Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

01  Robots With Rayguns “Body Heat”
02  From Indian Lakes “The Monster”
03  Temples “Certainty”
04  JAWS “Right In Front Of Me”
05  Kings Of Leon “Around The World”
06  Cloud Nothings “Modern Act”
07  Public Access T.V. “Sudden Emotion”
08  Twist “Bleached”
09  Yak “Hungry Heart”
10  Pity Sex “Plum”
11  American Wrestlers “Amazing Grace”
12  Royal Teeth “Kids Conspire (Extended Version)”
13  PLGRMS “Gemini”
14  Kaiser Chiefs “Hole In My Soul”
15  SKATERS “Rock And Roll Bye Bye”
16  Pixies “Tenement Song”
17  Groenland “Healing Suns”
18  JAWS “Work It Out”
19  Sleigh Bells “It’s Just Us Now”
20  Prophets Of Rage “Prophets Of Rage”
21  Radiohead “Glass Eyes”


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