Generico 21


Title: Generico 21
Date: November 2016
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 20
Length: 1 hour 26 minutes

01  JAWS “Just A Boy”
02  Japandroids “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”
03  Leif Erikson “Real Stuff”
04  Robots With Rayguns “Excess”
05  From Indian Lakes “American Dreams”
06  Kings Of Leon “Reverend”
07  Mute Swan “Just Like Weeds”
08  American Wrestlers “Blind Kids”
09  Cloud Nothings “Modern Act”
10  Get Inuit “On And On”
11  Duotang “Karma Needs To Come Around”
12  Cymbals Eat Guitars “Finally”
13  Fog Lake “Rattlesnake”
14  Royal Teeth “Kids Conspire (Extended Version)”
15  JAWS “Cast”
16  Hippo Campus “Boyish”
17  Car Seat Headrest “Vincent”
18  Primal Scream feat. Sky Ferreira “Where The Light Gets In”
19  The Flaming Lips “The Castle”
20  Gord Downie “Here, Here And Here”


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