Sloan Essentials


Title: Sloan Essentials
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 30
Length: 1 hour 42 minutes

01  Sloan “Underwhelmed”
02  Sloan “Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay”
03  Sloan “Money City Maniacs”
04  Sloan “People Of The Sky”
05  Sloan “Friendship”
06  Sloan “I’m Not A Kid Anymore”
07  Sloan “Pick It Up And Dial It”
08  Sloan “Gimme That”
09  Sloan “All Used Up”
10  Sloan “Keep On Thinkin”
11  Sloan “Follow The Leader”
12  Sloan “Pen Pals”
13  Sloan “Everything You’ve Done Wrong”
14  Sloan “Sugartune”
15  Sloan “Losing California”
16  Sloan “If It Feels Good Do It”
17  Sloan “Stove / Smother”
18  Sloan “Coax Me”
19  Sloan “Live On”
20  Sloan “Another Way I Could Do It”
21  Sloan “The Good In Everyone”
22  Sloan “Believe In Me”
23  Sloan “Stand By Me, Yeah”
24  Sloan “Worried Now”
25  Sloan “Unkind”
26  Sloan “G Turns To D”
27  Sloan “Take It In”
28  Sloan “Snowsuit Sound”
29  Sloan “The Other Man”
30  Sloan “Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore”


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