Trail Of Dead Essentials


Title: Trail Of Dead Essentials
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 30
Length: 2 hours 15 minutes

01  Trail Of Dead “Worlds Apart”
02  Trail Of Dead “It Was There That I Saw You”
03  Trail Of Dead “Inland Sea (EP Edit)”
04  Trail Of Dead “Pictures Of An Only Child”
05  Trail Of Dead “Stand In Silence”
06  Trail Of Dead “Pure Radio Cosplay”
07  Trail Of Dead “Mistakes & Regrets”
08  Trail Of Dead “How Near How Far”
09  Trail Of Dead “The Ghost Within”
10  Trail Of Dead “Let It Dive”
11  Trail Of Dead “Isis Unveiled”
12  Trail Of Dead “Festival Thyme”
13  Trail Of Dead “Mach Schau”
14  Trail Of Dead “Witch’s Web”
15  Trail Of Dead “Baudelaire”
16  Trail Of Dead “Will You Smile Again?”
17  Trail Of Dead “Summer Of All Dead Souls”
18  Trail Of Dead “Flood Of Red”
19  Trail Of Dead “A Million Random Digits”
20  Trail Of Dead “The Summer Of ’91”
21  Trail Of Dead “Bells Of Creation”
22  Trail Of Dead “Wasted State Of Mind”
23  Trail Of Dead “Prince With A Thousand Enemies”
24  Trail Of Dead “The Doomsday Book”
25  Trail Of Dead “Caterwaul”
26  Trail Of Dead “All St. Day”
27  Trail Of Dead “So Divided”
28  Trail Of Dead “Monsoon”
29  Trail Of Dead “Halcyon Days”
30  Trail Of Dead “The Best”


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