Mystery Machine Essentials

Mystery Machine Essentials Cover

Title: Mystery Machine Essentials
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 25
Length: 1 hour 31 minutes

01  Mystery Machine “Shaky Ground”
02  Mystery Machine “YTV”
03  Mystery Machine “Valley Song”
04  Mystery Machine “Horn O’ Plenty”
05  Mystery Machine “Ride”
06  Mystery Machine “Wake Up Pill”
07  Mystery Machine “Pronto”
08  Mystery Machine “Phantom Tollbooth”
09  Mystery Machine “Floored”
10  Mystery Machine “Gleam”
11  Mystery Machine “We Won’t Change”
12  Mystery Machine “Neither The Players”
13  Mystery Machine “Invitation”
14  Mystery Machine “Doubt Is All You Know”
15  Mystery Machine “Just A Sec”
16  Mystery Machine “Underground”
17  Mystery Machine “What I Want”
18  Mystery Machine “Everyone’s Alright”
19  Mystery Machine “Sinker”
20  Mystery Machine “Floatist”
21  Mystery Machine “Slack”
22  Mystery Machine “Brand New Song”
23  Mystery Machine “Snow”
24  Mystery Machine “Doubter”
25  Mystery Machine “Stay High”


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