Generico 32

Generico 32 Cover

Title: Generico 32
Date: October 2017
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 18
Length: 1 hour 11 minutes

01  Beck “Up All Night”
02  Matthew Good “Days Come Down”
03  Angus & Julia Stone “Chateau”
04  Great Good Fine OK “Already Love”
05  The Darkness “Solid Gold”
06  Pondwater “Splintered”
07  Wolf Alice “Heavenward”
08  Deerhoof feat. Jenn Wasner “I Will Spite Survive”
09  The Raft “Summertime Blues”
10  Death From Above “Freeze Me”
11  The Breeders “Wait In The Car”
12  Middle Kids “The Edge Of Town”
13  The World Is A Beautiful Place “Faker”
14  Citizen “Jet”
15  Haunted Summer “Killing Me”
16  Wolf Parade “You’re Dreaming”
17  Sibling “Tu Me Manques”
18  The War On Drugs “Strangest Thing”


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