Synthwave Essentials

Synthwave Cover

Title: Synthwave Essentials
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 30
Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

01  Juno Dreams “Make Your Way”
02  Sunset Neon “Got You”
03  Robots With Rayguns “Body Heat”
04  Starcadian “Freak Night (Album Mix)”
05  OSC “Boys Fall Easy”
06  Sunglasses Kid feat. Phaserland “Venice Beach”
07  The Midnight feat. Timecop1983 “River Of Darkness”
08  AWITW “Savage”
09  VHS Glitch “Into The Space”
10  Fla.mingo “Air Asia”
11  Highway Superstar feat. Honey Colonna “Dream Diary”
12  PZA “World Champion”
13  Atom Force “Don’t Go”
14  Noizz Factor “Summer 1989 (Radio Edit)”
15  FM-84 feat. Ollie Wride “Don’t Want To Change Your Mind”
16  Night Tempo feat. Antenna Girl “Starlight Girl”
17  TOMMY ’86 “Let’s Funk Tonight”
18  KIWA “Fracture”
19  Von Kaiser “Mona Lisa Overdrive”
20  Sellorekt / LA Dreams “Fast Forward”
21  Robert Parker “Power”
22  WOLFCLUB “Summer Lights”
23  Video Video “Flames”
24  Absinth3 feat. Chelsea Owen “Starlight”
25  Robots With Rayguns “Excess”
26  Anachronist “Before The Day I Die”
27  Tonebox feat. Lucy In Disguise “Mechanism Pilot”
28  Sunset Neon “Lazer Pink”
29  Sunglasses Kid “Bitter Reaction”
30  VisionSoft Ent. “Miami4real”


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