Generico 38

Generico 38 Cover

Title: Generico 38
Date: April 2018
Type: Playlist
Tracks: 19
Length: 1 hour 9 minutes

01  The Aces “Volcanic Love”
02  Kende feat. Great Good Fine OK “Cut Deep”
03  Capsule Hotel “Let Me In”
04  Bat Fangs “Rock The Reaper”
05  American Wrestlers “Ignoramus”
06  Peach Pit “Drop The Guillotine”
07  Twin Shadow feat. HAIM “Saturdays”
08  Atom Force “Don’t Go”
09  GUM “The Underdog”
10  Rogue Minor “Black Bonsai”
11  Dizzy “Swim”
12  ISLAND “Try”
13  Amy Shark “I Said Hi”
14  Encarta 98 “Corriendo (Am)”
15  Sloan “Spin Our Wheels”
16  La Luz “The Creature”
17  Screaming Females “Deeply”
18  AWITW “Savage”
19  Electric Blanket “Everybody Is Watching”


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